Do I need to waterproof my shower before I install tile?

The short answer is yes. Waterproofing your shower is more important than the final aesthic look of your shower. Installing a good quality waterproofing system to your shower is imerative. Tile and grout alone are not waterproof. It’s only a matter of time before water will work its way through to your substrate and begin to cause unseen damage. Waterproofing will not only keep your shower looking good for years but will also prevent mold growth and keep you from spending more money on costly repairs down the road.

Most waterproofing systems are quick and easy to install so you’d be crazy not to.  Here are a short list of some recommended waterproofing systems:

  • Schluter Kerdi Waterproofing Membrane
  • Laticrete Waterproofing Membrane fabric
  • RedGard Waterproofing membrane
  • Durock Brand Liquid Waterproofing Membrane